10/19/2017 – Anime Is Not For Butt

Recorded 10/19/2017
“Anime Is Not For Butt”

With: Brian, Art, Matt, Bob and James…



Back In Black

Recorded September 21, 2017

After an extended time where James Classic had to finally deal with the issue with his knees, he’s finally able to show up to bar night and record the pubcast again. Here, we make up for lost time (somewhat) by talking about the recent eclipse, some theological stuff tying in to said eclipse, the quintessential Bad Movie The Room, and various other odds and ends involving pop culture and programming stuffs, all while consuming the array of adult beverages that Sean O’Casey’s provides…

Featuring: Brian, Andrea, Bob, John, Matt, Art, and James Classic…

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Movie Talk: The DARK TOWER

the dark tower banner

it’s been posted and available on Soundcloud for a while, but James Classic has just gotten around to posting it officially for all to see (medical reasons and such). Here, the Exalted Geeks got around to watching the movie sequel to the epic set of novels featuring a grizzled gunslinger and a charismatic bad guy and some kid from New York, then gathered at a sushi joint (it was Sunday, our normal pubcasting haunt was closed) to discuss the movie…okay, more like letting James Classic completely geek all over everyone…

Featuring: Brian, Andrea, Sarah, Everett, Ozvaldo, and James Classic…

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Playing Catch-Up

Okay, so…the past couple of months, we’ve been recording, and the pubcasts have been uploaded, but I kept spacing off getting them posted properly for all to enjoy(?). So, here’s what has been up for a while, but you didn’t know about. Sorry. I suck, I know.

Bible Fan-Fic & Sniffing Faces

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Grabbing Life By The Monads

SPIDER-MAN: Homecoming Movie Talk (And Then Some)

spider-man homecoming

(Recorded July 8, 2017)

We’re back, together at last, and watched the newest redux of Spider-Man on the big screen. Is it worth the watch? Well, yeah…but in case you’re still on the fence about this one, listen in as the Exalted Geeks ramble on about the movie, having just watched it and grabbing some din-din at Sean O’Casey’s. Then we go off on a bit of a movie-related rabbit trail (several, actually), mainly because James Classic has been having issue with his body falling apart for some reason…

Featuring: Brian, Andrea, Matt, Nate, Osvaldo, and James Classic…

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