Mic Checks & Inverted Crosses

Recorded 3/15/2018
“Mic Checks & Inverted Crosses”

…in tonight’s long-overdue episode, James Classic trys out a new mic and discusses possibly doing another podcast; Brian is out sick, but manages to call in to give a brief rant about the news of the New Gods movie being planned, and then Sarah and Everett join in on the goings on…all this and more on this exciting episode of WILL CODE FOR BEER!

Featuring: Matt, Other James, Brian (sorta), Sarah, Everett, and James Classic…




black panther

Recorded 2/17/2018

The Exalted Geeks watched the new Marvel blockbuster Black Panther on Saturday, February the 17th, and then bopped on over to Sean O’Casey’s to nom and discuss said movie…and take several trips down various rabbit trails in the process. You know, your typical Will Code For Beer session…

Featuring: Art, Brian, Andrea, Sarah, Everett, Osvaldo, and James Classic…


Insert Title Here

Recorded February 15, 2018

Featuring: Matt, Art, Brian, and James Classic

Art posits that the announcer of an ice skating competition is secretly a serial killer, we discuss the best way to keep a corpse warm and supple, and Brian complains about Star Trek: Discovery and the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Tale movie, among other things…



justice league

Recorded November 18, 2017

Due to, shall we say, technical difficulties with the wifi, I wasn’t able to get this posted in the timeliest of manners, but here it is, the podcast the Exalted Geeks got around to after watching the latest DCEU installment, Justice League. Is this a step in the right direction? Or is this yet another Batman V. Superman-level of disappointment? The discussion gets pretty in-depth, to say the very least…